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Visual Timetables


There are many ways of using visual timetables but it is important that the pupils understand what the symbols mean before using.

Visual timetables:
  • Can be used with the whole class or individual children
  • Need to be displayed in a position so that the whole class can see
  • Smaller versions can be made for individual children
  • Refer to it throughout the day until pupils become familiar
  • Arrange symbols either from left to right or top to bottom
  • Avoid abstract images, they should be clear and concrete
  • Check understanding of symbols/images

Weekly visual timetable

Visual Timetables for Individuals

Pupils who have difficulty organising themselves can be given their own visual timetable. Symbols or photographs can be used to demonstrate what needs to be done first, next etc. It can be placed near the entrance or just inside the classroom for him/her to refer to on arrival. Pupils can be encouraged to remove each symbol/photograph when task has been completed.

individuals visual timetable

Follow Up Activities

Pupils can use the symbol/photo cards for sequencing the day.

Symbol cards on pegs


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