Classroom Management

Visual Timetables Activity 1


Activity/taskVisual Timetable:

Use visual timetable to organise self on arrival at school.


Year 1 Individual child

Symbols used:

Morning tasks.


Able to check visual timetable on arrival to school and usually completes his tasks independently.





Visual Timetables Activity 2


Use visual timetable for routine of the day.


Whole class/individual child with language and communication difficulties.

Symbols used:

Day routine


The whole class has benefited from using the visual timetable.

One child with language and communication difficulties used to find the routine of the day difficult, especially tidying up at the end of session and moving on to the next activity. Since having the visual timetable for the whole class he can now point to the symbol and say this has finished and we're moving on to the next activity. He now seems much more settled into the routine as a result.

weekly timetable


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