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Visual Timetables


A visual timetable is simple to make using symbols or photographs and is a valuable tool in the classroom.

Visual timetables:

  • give pupils structure to the day
  • promote independence
  • reduce anxiety
  • increase confidence
  • build upon pupil's strength as a visual learner
  • build upon pupil's desire for routine, predictability and organisation
  • give permanency

Visual time table

What are Visual Timetables?

Visual Timetables enable pupils to understand what they are doing when over a period of time such as the school day. They give structure to the day and can reduce anxiety levels.

Symbols are used to represent the tasks, activities or lessons and these are taught to the pupil.

They are then displayed to give a visual picture of what is happening. Older students may have them stuck on tables or pinned on a nearby wall.

For a child in Reception it may be just the morning or afternoon activities. For a pupil in Y4 it may be a symbolised timetable for the week.


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