Classroom Management

Using symbols and/or pictures in the classroom helps create a Communication Friendly Environment. Visual supports are used to:

  • aid independence
  • encourage good behaviours
  • provide information about daily routines
  • support verbal instructions
  • sequence events
  • aid communication


ClassroomCommunication Friendly Environments

Visual Timetables


Target Boards


Practical Tips

When using target boards let the pupil add their own smilies etc if possible, rather than doing it for them.

Symbol supported text on displays around the school allows pupils as well as staff to read about what's being displayed.

When writing comments in pupil's books have symbol supported comment strips available to stick underneath. Don't assume they can read our writing.

Have small ' I need Help ' cards on tables so that less confident children can turn these over instead of having to ask for help.

Take photos of the children opening and closing a door for push /pull signs around the school.


Resources and Tips