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Using Pairs/Pelmanism Cards


Introduce symbol first, then symbol and word and finally word.

Can be played in several ways:

  • symbol to symbol
  • symbol and word to symbol and word
  • symbol to symbol and word
  • symbol to word
  • word to word.

Players take turns to turn over 2 cards, say what they see and if they find a matching pair they keep it.

Player with the most matching pairs at the end of the game is the winner.

Can be used as a whole class activity or small group.


Individuals and small groups

Best played in small groups of 2 or more players.

This activity

.  Aids word recognition

.  Word understanding

.  Improves self esteem and sense of achievement


Follow up activities

Sets of cards can be given to take home to play and practice.

Find the matching cards. Stick one set of cards around the working area and give the child the other set to match.



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