Symbols Inclusion Project (SIP)

Who it is for

Teacher with class using puppets

1. For children and young people to enable them to:

  • Have a voice
  • Demonstrate what they know
  • Make choices
  • Access learning
  • Overcome reading/comprehension barriers
  • Develop and improve socially and emotionally
  • Improve behaviour
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence



2. For teachers and teaching assistants to enable themsymbol game to:

  • Print off and edit/develop differentiated curriculum resources that can immediately provide appropriate access for children and young people in the classroom.
  • Build a bank of differentiated curriculum related materials.
  • Have easy access to materials that can be further adapted to provide a greater level of differentiation
  • Implement new strategies for managing behaviour and improving motivation
  • Have practical support for developing and nurturing Communication Friendly Environments (CFE)


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