Seasons and Festivals

As with all literacy based activities, support by the use of symbols can benefit all children.

  • Symbol with word supports understanding of vocabulary because the graphic image is more easily remembered than the text equivalent
  • Increases motivation to attend, listen and participate
  • Supports development of oral and written language skills - particularly sequencing
  • Promotes children's ability to visualise
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Allows all pupils to access the curriculum


seasons symbols

seasons symbols

SIP Resource Packs

Y1-2  Chrismas Packs 1
Y1-2  Christmas Pack 2
Y1-2  Christmas Pack 3
Y1-2  Spring Pack 1
Y1-6  Spring Pack 2
Y1-2  Summer Pack 1
Y1-6  Summer Pack 2
Y1-6  Summer Weather
Y1-6  Winter
Y1-6  Winter Weather
YR-6  Gunpowder Plot

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QCA Learning Objectives

Materials on the Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes) could link to Unit 20 What can we learn about recent history from studying the life of a famous person?

Christmas Pack 1 links to Religious Education - Christianity

For more details:


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