When teaching scientific concepts and vocabulary it is essential that pupils are given access to concrete practical experiences first.
The use of symbols supports pupils learning of scientific words and understanding of abstract vocabulary.

  • Symbol support aids understanding of concepts such as push/pull, heavy/light, light/dark
  • Games provide pupils with opportunity to over-learn specific vocabulary by much repetition
  • Games using symbol support to consolidate learning are more appealing to a learner and are therefore more motivating


science symbols

science symbols

SIP Resource Packs

Y1     1A Ourselves
Y1     1C Sorting and Using Materials
Y1     1D Light and Dark
Y1     1E Pushes and Pulls
Y2     2D Grouping and Changing Materials
Y2     2E Forces and Movement
Y3     3C Characteristics of Materials
Y3     3D Rocks and Soils
Y3     3E Magnets and Springs
Y4     4C Keeping Warm
Y4     4D Solids and Liquids
Y4     4E Friction
Y5     5C Gases Around Us
Y5     5D Changing State

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QCA Learning Objectives

Resources in all the Science Packs relate directly to the Learning Objectives in the QCA schemes of work.

The objectives are clearly listed in the contents of the pack.

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