Literacy based activities supported by the use of symbols can benefit all children.

  • Symbol with word supports understanding of vocabulary because the graphic image is more easily remembered than the text equivalent
  • Increases motivation to attend, listen and participate
  • Supports development of oral and written language skills - particularly sequencing
  • Promotes children's ability to visualise
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Allows all pupils to access the curriculum


Literacy book illustrations

Literacy book illustrations

SIP Resource Packs

Y1-2  Rhymes
Y1-2  Big Book Cards
Y1-2  Zed Reading Books
Y1-2  The Thee Pigs
Y1-2  Thee Billy Goats Gruff
Y1-2  Cinderella
Y1-2  Snow White
Y1-2  Red Riding Hood
Y1-2  Goldilocks

For a full list of symbol resource packs visit:


Learning Objectives

The Literacy Resources are easily linked in to the Literacy Framework and Early Learning Goals.

The symbol supported resources can be used for word, sentence and text level teaching.


Reception Year

Word Work

Fiction and poetry: a wide variety of traditional, nursery and modern rhymes, chants, action verses, poetry and stories with predictable structures and patterned language.
Non-Fiction: simple non-fiction texts, including recounts.

Phonics, spelling and vocabulary


Phonological awareness, phonics and spelling

  1. to understand and be able to rhyme through:
  • recognising, exploring and working with rhyming patterns, e.g. learning nursery rhymes;
  • extending these patterns by analogy, generating new and invented words in speech and spelling;



The Rhyme Pack and the Traditional Stories resources link to these objectives and the Year 1 objectives below. For further information:


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