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Examples from schools and settings around Warwickshire

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The School Environment

buzzer sign Symbolised 'welcome' and instructions for gaining access to the building.







school map A colour coded map and arrows to help find the way round the site. An A4 colour map is given to each visitor on arrival at the school office. Feedback has been very positive about its usefullness!






welsome door sign Photographs with names and a 'welcome' on the door to the Reception Class. This means that everyone knows which adults teach in the class and what their role is. This is particularly useful to visitors.






welcome school boardclass door signExamples of Staff Photos in the foyer of a school, and Individual Staff member in a Class.







after school club notice The 'Out of Hours' Club in this school symbolised their information in the same way as the school. This gave continuity to those pupils attending, and provided accessible information.






In the survey of 22 schools in 2005/6, the respondents identified the following materials they had developed to support CFE.

  • Signs with symbol
  • Map with photos of staff in the entrance foyer; photographs and names of all staff working in classrooms and offices
  • Signs in toilets, on children's coat pegs and in foyer
  • Photos on office doors, and some labels (in progress), photos on some classroom doors
  • Visual Support map and photographs on doors and in the entrance hall (x2)
  • Colour coded map in foyer with photos of staff, and photos on classroom doors. Coloured arrows to find way round site.
  • Signs for directions, labels and photos in foyer, corridors and classrooms
  • All classrooms colour coded, staff photos in entrance
  • Staff Photos labelled in entrance (x4)
  • Map in entrance hall, colour coded corridors, photographs on doors, symbolsied Fire procedures
  • Photographs in the entrance hall, labels to depict areas, classroom photographs and symbols on doors
  • Photos on doors, developing photos of dinner choice

Oak Wood Special School developed signage for the new school site using Widgit symbols
More on Oak Wood Signs

Oak Wood Signs


Classroom environments

  • Visual timetables being used in 15 schools
  • Behaviour reminders and individual target boards being used in 8 schools
  • Displays with symbol labels being used in 10 schools
  • Rules and instructions being used in 9 schools
  • Whole class use in the 7 schools which have Designated Speech and Language Bases
  • Labelling in the classroom being used in 11 schools

class behaviour board literacy display class timetable



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Evidence and Practice