Case Studies

Year 1 Curriculum Support

Symbols can be used very effectively to support a wide range of topics and activities. In the examples below symbols enabled pupils to

  • describe and sort materials and ask questions in Science
  • understand the timetable
  • understand the concepts 'full', 'half full' and 'empty'
  • participate actively in role play

Children in Y1 who have difficulty with the concepts were assisted by the use of symbols:

john describing materials John was able to describe different materials using symbols as prompts.
Paul answering questions Paul was able to ask questions about a specific object with symbol support.
david sorting objects David was able to sort objects into the correct materials independently with symbol support.
pauls timetable The visual timetable gives structure to Paul's day and aids his independence.
Sam withflashcards Sam now understands the concepts 'full', 'half full' and 'empty'.
symbol surveys about the beach The children used the symbolized holiday questionnaires when working in the sea side role-play area.


(Tina Brooks, Bilton Infants)


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